How to Treat Wood Worms in Antique Furniture

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Treating wood worms is always tricky, but it is especially so when dealing with fine antique furniture. Find out about treating wood worms in antique furniture with help from an experienced interior design professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jane Brown from Jane Brown Interiors and, and I'm here at my favorite, favorite antique store called Furnish Green in New York on the corner of Broadway and 31st and it is a literal treasure trove of you know antiques and vintage furniture and little bits of Bric-a--brac and today I'm gonna talk about finding woodworm in furniture. Now woodworm is predominately from woods found in New Zealand and Europe and not so much here in America thankfully but a lot of our antiques come from Europe or New Zealand so the best way to look for woodworm is you actually pull out a piece of the furniture that's easily exposed or turn it upside down and you look at the rawness of the wood. Now what we're looking for are tiny little holes inside the wood, it's like tiny little bore holes made with a pin and they're bore holes from the woodworm. Now the woodworm actually starts a little bit like a butterfly, it starts as a worm which is not as pretty as a caterpillar but it starts as a worm and then it hatches into larvae and they usually in clusters of about 50 to 100 and then what, what happens is that they hatch and then turn into these little beetles and they actually have wings which are impossible to see unless they're under a microscope and but then they start to infest the wood so this is where we're going to be looking for the woodworm is in the crevices here of the wood and what we're looking for are little clusters of holes, they're like little pin pricks and they usually are in around you know 50 to 100 so they're very, very small and minute but you'll see them they look, it, it looks like dirt and grime. Now don't despair if you have woodworm this is easily remedied by getting a strong insecticide from your local hardware store but it's very toxic so it's important that you use a mask and goggles as you would with anything toxic and not to have it in the home where there's obviously children or pets. Put it in a room where it can let it cook up basically for about 2 days in quite a well ventilated area and then go back and dust it off and you should be okay with the woodworm but also another point try and keep that piece of wood that has been contaminated away from other bits of wood because they're strong critters and they, they can have the capacity to jump from one piece to another so I hope that helps, and I'll see you next time.


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