How to Clean Fire Extinguisher Chemicals After Usage

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After the use of a fire extinguisher you may notice a chemical residue that is left behind. Clean fire extinguisher chemicals after usage with help from a goal-oriented health care provider in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Gabriel Williams. I'm a certified firefighter in the state of Illinois, and today we're going to talk about how to clean fire extinguisher chemicals after use. Now, in the event that you had to use your personal fire extinguisher or home use fire extinguisher to put out a fire in your home, you're going to have some mess to clean up. Not only are you going to have the chemicals from the fire extinguisher, you're going to have the debris, carbon, smoke, dust, things like that from whatever it was that actually burned in your home. If you used a pressurized water fire extinguisher, you're going to have some wetness, things like that to clean up, along with the debris from whatever burned. So some good things, normal household cleaning items are the best thing to use to clean these things up. It's also good to contact your local fire department to ask them do I need to do anything special, depending on the type of chemical fire extinguisher you had. All fire extinguishers are different. Check those user manuals. They will tell you how to use the fire extinguisher, but also how to clean up the chemicals after its use. You also want to make sure to keep your pets, keep your kids, keep yourself away from those chemicals, because they could actually be harmful. Wear a mask and gloves whenever you are going to be cleaning up the chemicals. Those will protect your skin and protect your lungs from breathing in anything harmful. A normal pair of rubber gloves like this is plenty to protect you from the chemicals of the extinguisher or any carbon or smoke dust from whatever it was that burned. Always wear gloves when cleaning up these chemicals. Use soapy water, things like that, other cleaning products. Clean up the big particles first, get them out of your way, get them out of your house. Make sure that everything's completely extinguished before you touch it, because then you're going to be dealing with burns. Make sure the fire is completely out. Again, it's a good idea to call your fire department. Even if you've extinguished the fire on your own, have them come and inspect to make sure it's completely out, and a lot of times, if they're nice, they may even help you with the cleanup process. Any household cleaners that you have, again, will probably do. Get some paper towels, you're going to need them. Some rags, some scrub brushes, some sponges, maybe a toothbrush to get into cracks. Things like that will help in the cleaning process. Get some heavy duty trash bags. You can use those to get the larger items. Again, my name is Gabriel Williams, and we've been talking about how to clean fire extinguisher chemicals after use. I know it seems like common sense, but it's only common sense if it's common to you, and now it is.


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