Shed Styles & Pole Buildings

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A shed or pole building adds valuable room for storage or for hobbies.
A shed or pole building adds valuable room for storage or for hobbies.

Finding enough storage space is always a problem for a homeowner. Lawn equipment, gardening tools, outdoor furniture, workshop materials and recreational equipment are all items for which he needs to set aside storage space for the winter months or times when they are not in use. Sheds are available in a number of styles to suit particular needs. Pole buildings offer larger spaces that can provide low-cost storage for RVs, automobiles and even animals.

  1. Barn-Style Shed

    • A classic style of shed design mimics the look of a barn found on farm property from ages past. This style offers a high, peaked roof for storage of taller pieces of equipment, and yet fits in attractively with most home styles, The barn style shed can also be fitted with double doors to provide plenty of room for lawn tractors and other large pieces of equipment.

    Saltbox-Style Shed

    • The saltbox style of shed calls to mind Colonial times. The design comes with a pitched roof that is taller at one end and slants down to a lower elevation at the other. This asymmetrical design allows for storage of a variety of different types of equipment. You can also extend the lower end of the pitched roof to include an open lean-to for special items. You can choose from single- or double-door styles.

    Gable-Style Shed

    • The gable-style shed has a pitched roof with two straight, equal-length sides, similar to a small house. Because of this similarity to the average home style, it is a popular choice for homeowners. This style of shed provides sufficient head room and good use of square footage, according to StrategicStorage. Door styles can be single, double or two separate singles.

    Gabled Pole Building

    • Pole buildings offer another choice in storage options. Generally used for larger storage functions, these simple structures can be built to any size and modified for any purpose. Pole buildings offer an inexpensive solution to the storage of large objects like automobiles and recreational vehicles. They are often built as shelter for horses or farm animals. The simple gabled-roof pole building provides good rain and snow diversion on a low-cost structure that can have many uses.

    Gambrel Pole Building

    • The gambrel roof is just another way of saying "barn style roof." This roof style offers a double-pitched roof like a barn, which gives the pole building's appearance more character. This can be helpful in making the pole building look less utilitarian and fit in more with other structures on the property. You can also construct the gambrel pole building to allow for attic storage space, according to APMBuildings.

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