Fun Valentine Games for Third Grade


Valentine's Day parties often include making a card box, giving classmates lovely cards and eating cupcakes with sprinkles. As children mature, these simplistic parties lose their appeal. To spice up a Valentine's Day party for third graders, try these wonderful ideas.


  • Students are each given half a heart containing one name in a famous pair. For example, David and Goliath, salt and pepper or cookies and milk. Students are then asked to move around the room until they find their missing partner.

Stacking Hearts

  • Using candy hearts, students work in pairs to make the largest tower possible within a given time limit. After the tower activity, pairs can create a graph based on the color of or sayings written on their hearts. Then, a whole class graph can be made to show how many of each type of heart was represented.

Steal My Heart

  • To play Steal My Heart, put students in groups of four or five. Each group should have a bowl of candy hearts and a pair of chopsticks for each student. At the end of a set period of time, the student who is able to collect the most hearts with her chopsticks is declared the winner. For more of a challenge, students can be blindfolded during game play.


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