Christmas Crafts With Wine Corks


The holidays are often accompanied by celebration, decoration and wine drinking. Merge these activities by making Christmas crafts out of wine corks. After opening a bottle of wine or champagne, save the cork so you can create crafts like merry wreaths, ornaments, miniature Christmas trees and reindeer.

Cork Wreath

  • A wine cork wreath is an eco-friendly way to add holiday cheer to your home. After washing and drying 20 to 25 wine corks, drill a small hole about a 1/4-inch from the top and bottom of each cork. Thread a piece of green floral wire or jewelry wire through the bottom hole of each cork, leaving a small amount of excess wire for tying. Insert another piece of wire through the tops of the wine corks, alternating each wine cork with a red or green jingle bell for extra color and decoration. Twist the ends of the top and bottom wires together so the corks form a circle, and complete the wreath by hanging it with a red or green ribbon.

Cork Ornament

  • Decorate your Christmas tree with wine cork ornaments. Drill a small hole vertically through a well-preserved wine cork. Insert floral or jewelry wire through the hole, leaving a couple of inches of excess wire at each end. String Christmas-colored beads, bells or any other small charm with a hole in it on the excess wire. Secure the ornament by twisting each end of the wire. Tie a ribbon to the top of the ornament and hang it on the tree.

Cork Christmas Tree

  • A wine cork miniature Christmas tree works great as a holiday centerpiece and is easy to make. Cover the entire surface of a foam cone, which can be purchased at a craft store, with wine corks by placing a strip of hot glue along the side of each wine cork and pressing it to the foam. Start by gluing wine corks vertically around the base of the cone and work your way up, so that the foam is adorned with ascending rings of wine corks. Embellish the tree by gluing small red and green jingle bells or ribbons to the corks, and complete the project by gluing a festive bow to the top.

Cork Reindeer

  • Make a self-standing cork reindeer out of one champagne cork and six wine corks. Make the body and neck of your reindeer by hot gluing one horizontal wine cork to one vertical wine cork, so that the side of the vertical wine cork touches the flat, circular top of the horizontal wine cork. Give the reindeer front and back legs by hot gluing two wine corks to either side of the bottom of the vertical cork and two wine corks to either side of the back of the horizontal cork. For a head, attach a champagne cork to the top of the reindeer's neck by hot gluing the bulbous end of the champagne cork to the flat top of the neck cork. Make antlers by bending two brown or red pipe cleaners into a zig-zag shape and gluing them to the back of the reindeer's head. Glue on two wiggle eyes and a red jingle bell for the nose.

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