Types of Peening Hammers


Peening hammers are a type of hammer used in the process of working metal. They are commonly used by blacksmiths, machinists or engineers, though they are less popular today than in the past, due to new, more efficient ways of working metal. Still, there are a variety of peening hammers being produced and used today.

Ball-Peen Hammer

  • The ball-peen hammer is one of the more common kinds of peen hammers. The head of the hammer is shaped like one half of a ball, or is hemispherical, which means that the metal will be shaped rather than marred by the rough edges that other types of peen hammers have. The reverse side of the hammer is usually shaped like a typical hammer head, and can be used for anything you would use a common hammer for.

Wedged Peen Hammers

  • There are also several varieties of peen hammers with a wedged head. On a straight-peen hammer the head of the hammer has a vertical wedge, or a wedge parallel to the shaft of the hammer. A cross-peen hammer has a similar wedge shaped head, but the wedge is oriented horizontally, or across the shaft of the hammer. Like the ball-peen hammer, the straight-peen hammer and the cross-peen hammer also have a reverse head similar to a common hammer.

Hard Peen Hammers

  • Peen Hammers also come in a variety of hardness. A hard peen hammer has a head that is made out of a metal harder than the metal used for a common hammer. The material used must be hard enough to keep its shape and strength over thousands of impacts on another piece of metal. This kind of hammer would be used for the bulk of the work in shaping a piece of metal.

Soft Peen Hammers

  • Soft peen hammers have been made out of a variety of materials. When peen hammers were commonly used, a soft peen hammer might have been made out of a more malleable metal such as brass or copper, or even a material like wood. Today plastic is also a common material for soft peen hammers. These hammers are used for finer, finishing work.

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