Types of Corrugated Sheds

Corrugated metal has grooves or ridges. There is a variety of different types installed as siding or on roofs. It is initially more costly than other roof types; however the lower cost for upkeep over time makes up for the initial expense. Corrugated metals are rust, rot and frost resistant. You can cut it easily, making it simple to install on sheds and other outbuildings.

  1. Wide Rib or Type B

    • This type of corrugated metal is the most widely used in the metal roofing industry. Because of its shape, it has a higher load-bearing capacity than other types. Standard sheets are 36 inches wide with 6 inches from the middle of one ridge to the next. Wide rib metal is found in galvanized, painted or stainless steel and aluminum.

    Intermediate or Type F

    • Intermediate metal is an older type of corrugated metal that is still widely used. Type F corrugated metal is used specifically in situations where the roofing butts against an existing Type F roof. The standard sheet width is 36 inches and 6 inches from groove to groove with 1 3/4-inch grooves. It is available in stainless, galvanized and painted steel or aluminum.

    N Deck

    • N Deck corrugated metal has deeper ridges – typically 3 inches. This allows you to install longer spans. It is more cost effective as you can use a lighter gauge. You don't need as many supports when you use longer spans. The distance from groove to groove is typically 8 inches with a 2 5/8-inch wide groove. N Deck is available in stainless, galvanized and painted steel.

    Thermal Wall

    • These types of panels have a greater load-bearing capability and are available in stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass and coated steel. The depth of the grooves is only 1 1/2 inches. Panels are available in 36-inch lengths. With shallow grooves, it is not ideal for use with rigid or fiberglass sheet insulation. Because of the wide flute profile of thermal wall metal, it is attractive for both roofing and siding your shed.


    • Other types of corrugated metal include 4-inch rib, 7/8-inch corrugated and 1/2-inch corrugated. All three types are primarily used for shed siding and are not ideal for roofing. Both 7/8-inch and 1/2-inch panels are available in painted and bare aluminum as well as painted metal and stainless steel. The names of the metals refer to the distance from one ridge to the next. All three are available in 36-inch panels.

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