Party Ideas Using Bandana Handkerchiefs

A bandana handkerchief can be used in conjunction with a variety of birthday party themes, from a country western party to motorcycle theme. A bandana is an inexpensive item that can make a large impact, especially when used in conjunction with other themed items.

  1. Decorations

    • Perhaps the most obvious use of a bandana handkerchief for a party is as a napkin. You can simply fold the napkin and place it on the plate or you can open up the handkerchief and tuck it into a glass. You can sew several bandanas together to create a runner or simply place a bandana at the center of the table and use as a decorative element under a centerpiece. You can also sew several bandanas onto a ribbon or string to create a garland to hang on a wall, or create throw pillows by sewing two bandanas together after stuffing them with cotton batting.


    • A bandana can be used as a costume accessory. For instance, use a bandana as a head covering to accessorize a pirate or motorcycle rider costume. Additionally, tie a handkerchief around the neck to go with a cowboy costume. You can also create an apron by sewing a ribbon to one side of the handkerchief, which can serve as a belt to tie the apron around the waist.

    Cake and Food

    • Use a bandana handkerchief in party food presentation. Lay an open bandana in a clear bowl, then place a smaller bowl inside. The bandana will show through the clear bowl for a decorative presentation. You can also use a bandana to line a bread basket or simply tie a bandana around the handle of a pitcher or tray as a decorative element. You can also tie a bandana around the neck of a jar. You can use icing to create a bandana pattern on a sheet or round cake or you can frost sugar cookies in red or blue and use white and black icing to create a bandana pattern.

    Favors and Other

    • Carry the bandana party theme to the favors. Fill the center of a bandana with candy or other small gifts, then gather the edges and tie closed with raffia or ribbon to create a take-home gift for party guests. You can also use bandanas as ribbons to tie gift sacks closed. A bandana handkerchief makes a nice favor itself. You can embroider guests' initials onto the bandanas for a personalized touch.

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