What Are the Specifications on an Anchor Collar Mic?

The Anchor CM-60 is a wearable microphone designed for use with Anchor's wireless body pack transmitters. Unlike other wireless microphones, the CM-60 isn't worn as a headset or clipped to a lapel, but is literally wrapped around your neck. A flexible neck mount allows you to mount the microphone under your collar, with just the end of the microphone peeking into view.

  1. PA System Compatability

    • The CM-60 is designed to be used with Anchor Audio's WB-6400, WB-6000 and WB-II Body-Pack Transmitter models. These body packs are used in Anchor's Liberty, Xtreme, Explorer, AN-130 and Megavox Pro sound systems.

    Connector Type

    • The CM-60 features a TA4F 4-pin mini-XLR (Tini-QG) plug, which is a female XLR plug specification used with many types of lavalier and wearable microphones.

    Response Pattern

    • The unidirectional microphone on the CM-60 features a cardioid polar pattern. This feedback-resistant pattern makes the CM-60 ideal for use near monitor speakers.

    Microphone Technology

    • The CM-60's condenser microphone uses an electret technology, which eliminates the need for an internal battery or external power source.

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