How to Box in Duct Work for Drywall


Drywall is used in most homes because it is relatively easy to install. Stud walls are built to support buildings and give you something on which to hang the drywall. If you need to work around something in a room, such as duct work, you must build a stud frame out and around the object with a few additional two-by-fours and hardware. The process is not complicated and can be accomplished in a short amount of time.

Things You'll Need

  • 2-by-4 boards
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Power saw
  • 4-inch screws
  • 3-inch screws
  • Drill
  • Measure out from the wall until you are clear of the duct work. Make note of the measurement.

  • Transfer the measurement from Step 1 to a two-by-four. Cut the board along the mark with a power saw. Use the board as a template to mark three additional boards, and cut them as well.

  • Lay two of the cut boards on the floor on either side of the duct work. Drill 4-inch screws through the boards and into the floor joists or subflooring. Place two screws on each end of the board. This is referred to as a bottom plate.

  • Drop a plumb line from the ceiling joists down to the floor until the line is even with the bottom plate.

  • Mark the ceiling joist with the location.

  • Place the top plates, or boards, in the proper location one at a time, and attach them to the ceiling boards. Drill 4-inch screws through the boards and into the joists.

  • Measure the distance between the bottom plates. Check the measurement between the two top plates. The distances should be the same. Cut two boards to match the measurement.

  • Place one of the cut boards from Step 6 on the floor between the two side boards that are sticking out from the duct work. Attach it to the floor in the same manner that you attached the other two.

  • Raise the other board in between the top plates. Attach it either to a ceiling joist or toenail it into two side top plates. Use 4-inch screws. You should now have top and bottom plates boxed around the duct work.

  • Measure the height between the top and bottom plates. Transfer the measurement to a two-by-four, and cut it along the mark. Use this board as a template to mark, and cut three more boards. These are your studs for the boxed out wall.

  • Slide two of the cut stud boards between the top plates. Place them next to the existing stud wall, on the end of the top and bottom plates. Drill 3-inch screws at an angle through the studs and into the top and bottom plates.

  • Place the other two stud boards in between the plates along the outer corners that are further into the room. Attach them in the same manner as the other two studs. You now have a box around the duct work for your drywall.

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