How to Get to the Goron Mines Boss in "Zelda: Twilight Princess" for the Wii

The Goron Mines represent the second major dungeon players get to in the "Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess." The mines are full of puzzles with magnets, and a mini-boss, the Goron Warrior, that blocks the path to the dungeon's final boss, Twilit Igniter Fyrus. To find Fyrus, you need to get a fragment of the boss key from each of the three elders hidden within the mines.


    • 1

      Enter the Goron Mines and go across the lava pit. Equip the iron boots and stand on the switch to cut off the nearby flame. Unequip the boots and run down the hallway past where the flames were to the next area.

    • 2

      Press the switch on the left in the new area, then run past the next set of flames. Climb the cage and jump across the platform at the top. Hit the next switch and enter another room.

    • 3

      Go to the lower platform and get the key from the chest. Go back up the ramp and use the key to get through the locked door. Go down the next ramp and across the platforms to the northeast. Grab the chain, pull it all the way backward, and run through the open door.

    • 4

      Use the iron boots to sink into the water and hit the switch. Rise to the top, enter the door, and speak to the first elder to get a key shard.

    • 5

      Climb down the ladder and exit through the door. Go through the next two rooms into a room with a big magnet. Hit the switch in the middle, go under the magnet, and drop down. Repeat the action for the next magnet, and exit through the north door.

    • 6

      Get a key from the chest in the water of the next room. Go to the eastern side of the room and drop down a level. Push the block aside, hit the switch to start the magnet, and then rise to the ceiling. Drop down over the metal grate and hit the next switch. Hit the diamond-shaped switch and run through the gate which opens. Take the north path in this area.

    • 7

      Cut the rope holding a gate up. Go through the next door and enter the locked door. Jump across the platforms, and enter the door. Speak to the elder to receive the second key piece. Climb up the later and drop down at the end to face the mini-boss.

    • 8

      Hit the Goron Warrior mini-boss in the stomach with your sword and make him roll into the lava. Do this three times to get the Hero's Bow and go to the next room.

    • 9

      Use the bow to shoot the monsters in the eye. Enter the western room and talk to the last elder for the final key shard. Go back to the previous room and head south. Jump across the platforms and hit the switch to land on the ceiling. Hit the diamond switch above the gate. Drop down to the floor and enter the door.

    • 10

      Jump down to the lower platform and go to the northern room. Shoot all the monsters in the next room in the eye with your bow. Activate the switch and go to the bridge gate. Shoot the rope with your bow and cross the bridge. Shoot the next rope to cross the final bridge. The Goron Mines boss is in the next room.

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