How to Measure Hinge Overlay


When replacing cabinet door hinges or installing new cabinets, it is necessary to purchase hinges. Buying hinges does require a little more thought than just the color and design. It is necessary to determine the hinge overlay necessary for your cabinet door hinges. The overlay is the amount of space the door overlaps the face of the cabinet on the hinge side of the door. Once you have the overlay measurement you can purchase the correct size hinge in the style you desire.

Things You'll Need

  • Helper
  • Tape measure
  • Close the cabinet door. If working with new cabinetry, place the blank door over the cabinet opening with the sides overlapping evenly. Ask a friend to hold the door in place.

  • Make a mark on the cabinet at the edge of the door on the hinge side with a pencil. The mark only needs to be large enough for you to see.

  • Open the cabinet door or remove the new door blank from the cabinet. Measure from the mark to the edge of the opening with a tape measure. This is the hinge overlay measurement.


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