How to Make Items Out of Wine Corks


Wine cork projects are simple to create from pre-formed shapes or in a free form style. To make flat, or two dimensional items out of wine corks, it helps to have a base to support the corks. Once the technique is understand, just about anything can be covered. To make three dimensional or free-formed items out of wine corks, use varying gauges of craft wire to connect the corks and shape the items.

Things You'll Need

  • Wine corks
  • Measuring tape
  • Picture frame
  • Viscous craft glue
  • Craft knife
  • Beading wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle
  • Alligator clip

Two Dimensional Wine Cork Items

  • Measure the inside dimensions of a picture frame or some other flat item that you wish to cover with wine corks. Measuring helps determine if enough wine corks are available for the job. Picture frames with the glass removed are good choices if making wine cork trivets or plant stands. The outside edge of the frame gives the item a more finished look. The border of a wine-cork project can be finished with ribbon, metal foil, clay or strips of mirror. A border is not a requirement, but it can give definition to the piece.

  • Dry fit wine corks across the width or the length of the inside of the picture frame or the desired base item. Alternately place the wine corks right side up and then upside down as you place them side by side. Alternating the wine corks will create an even surface. If the last cork needs trimming to fit the space, trim the first and the last cork so the sides will be even. For example, if the last wine cork is 1/4-inch too wide to fit, trim the first and the last wine cork in the row by 1/8-inch to create the fit.

  • Remove the wine corks from the item. Run a bead of viscous craft glue or hot glue along the center of the space dry fitted in Step 2. Press the wine corks into the craft glue.

  • Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to continue to fill the frame or item with rows of wine corks. Alternate the position of the wine cork at the beginning of each new row. If the first wine cork in the first row is right side up, the first wine cork in the second row should be upside down.

Three-Dimensional Items

  • Cut a length of beading wire 6 inches longer than the desired outline of the three dimensional object. For example, to make a wine cork chandelier, cut a length of wire 6 inches longer than the desired circumference of the chandelier tier or length of the chandelier strand.

  • Thread a needle with the beading wire. Do not double the wire, pull a 6-inch tail through the eye. Clip an alligator clip onto the end of the working wire.

  • Insert the needle through the center of a wine cork. It doesn’t matter if the center of the cork is speared horizontally or vertically. Pull the wine cork to the end of the wire so that it touches the alligator clip.

  • Thread another wine cork over the needle. If spearing the corks horizontally, alternate the corks as done in a two dimensional design. Slide the cork until it rests against the first cork.

  • Add corks for the length of the wire. To make a circle, glue the two end corks together or pass the needle through the first few wine corks on the wire. To hang a strand, hook the wire over the chandelier header. To make items other than a circle or a strand, shape the item after the wine corks have been added.

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