The Best Way to Cut Brick Pavers


When it comes to cutting brick pavers into the correct shape for a patio, there are two basic methods that the pros use. The first method is very simple, and requires nothing more than a bag of sand, a hammer, and a wide-bladed chisel--called a "Guillotine-style Splitter." The other method--and the one recommended if you need to make more precise cuts--is through the use of a "wet saw", which is essentially a circular saw above a tub of water. The water is thrown over the tile--or in this case, the brick--as the blade cuts in order to prevent either from overheating. Wet saws are expensive, but can often be rented from local hardware shops for a daily rate.

Things You'll Need

  • Wet Saw
  • --OR--
  • "Guillotine style" splitter
  • Hammer
  • Pencil

Using the Guillotine

  • Make a mark on the brick with the pencil where you wish to cut the brick. Flip the brick over and make an identical mark on the bottom as well.

  • Position the splitter against the mark and hold it at a 75-degree angle, then give it two light taps with the hammer.

  • Turn the brick over and repeat the previous step with the other pencil mark.

  • Hold the splitter against the brick where you wish to make the cut, then strike the butt-end of the splitter firmly with the hammer until the brick splits. It should only take two or three strikes.

  • Repeat steps one through four for as many bricks as needed.

Using a wet saw

  • Adjust the height of the wet saw blade so that it will make the deepest cut possible on the brick. Most wet saws will be able to cut through a brick completely, but some wet saws will not have a blade large enough to cut all the way through a brick.

  • Make a mark on the brick where you wish to cut, then adjust the metal bar--called the fence--on the top of the wet saw so that when the brick is placed against the fence, the mark you made comes right up against the saw blade.

  • Fill the tub of the wet saw with more water if necessary.

  • Turn on the blade of the wet saw.

  • Place the brick up against the fence, then guide it into the wet saw. Slide the brick forward as the wet saw cuts, going slow enough so that a liberal amount of water is brought up onto the brick by the saw. This will prevent both the blade and the brick from overheating.

  • Repeat steps one through five as needed.

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