How to Build a Gaming Table


Gaming tables are large tables built for the purpose of table-top gaming. These tables often support having many players seated around them. The tables can be built with little to no expense. They can be personalized for each game by collecting various table tops and leaving the table so players can easily interchange them.

Things You'll Need

  • Electric drill
  • Level
  • Circular saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Two 4x4”x8’ posts
  • Six 2x6”x10’ boards
  • Two 2x4"x10’ boards
  • One 2x4”x8’ board
  • 32 ¼” to 5.5” long Carriage bolts
  • 32 ¼” nuts
  • 32 washers
  • Metal angle brackets
  • Screws
  • Use your circular saw to cut the 4x4”x8’ posts into four 4x4”x39.5” posts. Cut the six 2x6”x10 boards into four 2x6”x49” boards and four 2x6”x100” boards. Cut the two 2x4”x10’ boards and the one 2x4”x8’ board into three 2x4”x49” boards.

  • Set the four 4x4”x39.5” posts up like table legs and position one of the 2x6”x100” boards along the bottom of two of the table legs, leaving about a half foot between the board and the ground. Use your level to make sure the boards are level. Drill holes into the board and posts so you can bold them together. Take one of the 2x6”x49” boards and put it between one of the secured posts and another post. Drill the holes so you can bold these posts together and form a L-shape. Repeat the process to form two L-shapes that are the same size.

  • Place a carriage bolt into the holes that you drilled and secure them in place with the bolts and washers. If the posts seem wobbly, drill a second set of holes in the posts and add a second set of carriage and bolts to the table.

  • Take your remaining 2x6’s and position them above the secured 2x6’s. These boards should be positioned so half of the board sticks up over the posts. This will allow you to have a lip around the top of your table and stop pieces from rolling onto the floor. Drill holes in the boards and posts and insert carriage bolts so you may secure them in place. Position the remaining 4x4’s just like you did the 2x6’s above their lower counterparts and secure them with the carriage bolts so you have a wooden box.

  • Measure two feet from one end of the top of the table and mark your place. Take one of the remaining 2x4 boards and position it between the top 4x4’s of your table. Use your metal brackets to secure this board to the outside edge of the table. Find the middle point between the support you just fastened and the end of your table and mark it. Do the same for the other side of the table. Secure another support on each of these marked spaces.

  • Finish your table by adding whatever kind of table top you wish into the supports. You might want a vinyl dry erase board or green felt, depending on what game you will be playing.


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