How to Decorate a Hall With Photos During a Wedding Reception

Using photographs as decoration during formal events such as weddings can provide an extremely personal touch to the décor. A hallway decorated with pictures of the bride and groom's relationship will not only add that personal touch, it will give guests a chance to enjoy the couple's history together from the first time they had their picture taken together to the engagement photographs and finally pictures of the wedding ceremony.

Things You'll Need

  • 8-by-10 frames
  • 8-by-10 photographs
  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Photographer
  • Digital camera
  • Photograph printer
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      Put the photographs of the bridal couple into frames. All the frames should match or coordinate with the wedding colors.

    • 2

      Organize the framed pictures into chronological order from the first picture taken of the couple to their engagement photographs.

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      Have the photographer take pictures of the couple during the wedding ceremony with a digital camera. Print out one or two of these photographs and frame them.

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      Place the pictures against the wall where they will be hung. It is best to alternate which side of the hallway the pictures are hung on. So if your first picture of the couple is on the left wall of the hallway, the second picture of the couple will be directly across the hallway on the right wall.

    • 5

      Continue to lay out the photographs until there are no more in your stack. At the end of the hall, line up one or two of the photographs taken during the wedding ceremony. Starting where you plan to place the first photograph, measure 6 feet from the ground and place your nail. Hammer the nail in far enough that your chosen frame will lay flat against the wall.

    • 6

      Continue to measure and place nails for each framed photograph. Once all the photographs have been hung on the wall, take a few steps away from the wall and ensure that each picture is hanging level and make necessary adjustments.

Tips & Warnings

  • For best results use all black-and-white or all color photographs to line the walls.

  • Adding a small typed description of each picture is an option for couples who will have many out-of-town or distant relatives in attendance. Adding this small description will give people a better sense of how the couple's relationship has blossomed.

  • Narrowing down photographs can be difficult. Consult with the couple to be married so their favorites are included.

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