Elevate Your Next Outdoor Party with Easy-to-Make Balloon Stakes

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Balloon stakes in the garden

In the warmer months, I can’t help but invite my friends over for a backyard party. The outdoors is such an inviting place to gather this time of year. Balloon stakes are a cinch to put together and their bright, festive welcome is sure to start your summer parties off right.

Green and pink ballon stakes

Woman holding completed pink balloon stake

Balloon stakes can be made in any color or combination of colors — a rainbow stake looks just as great as a solid pink stake. And this form of balloon party decor is really affordable since there is no helium necessary.

Solid green ballon stake and a rainbow stake in the foreground

Pink balloon stake in a basket

To make these, you will need balloons in the color of your choice, thin white string (or fishing line) and a wooden dowel (long versions of these are easy to find at local craft stores). Each of our stakes used about 12 balloons and a 4 foot dowel. The stakes can be made larger or smaller depending on your supplies and your desired effect.

Close up of sting wrapped balloon ends

Blow up the balloons and tie them together in pairs with the ends connecting. For each of our stakes we used six pairs of balloons. Starting with the first pair, string the thread around the balloons (right where they connect) and around the wooden dowel to attach them.

Next use the second pair and place directly above the first, but in the opposite direction. Use the thread to wrap up around the second stack and secure it to the dowel. Continue stacking and threading the balloons as high as you want.

Woman holding completed pink balloon stake

Once the stakes are made, secure them into the ground by firmly pushing the bottom of the dowel into the ground. Now it’s time to put up the umbrella and start the party!

Green and pink balloon stakes in a backyard setting

Photos and project design by Victoria Hudgins.

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