How to Reface Kitchen Cabinets With Seeded Glass


Seeded glass can give your kitchen cabinets a fresh new look, and provide you with a way to display your special set of dishes or wine collection. The seeded glass can be bought online or at any local stained glass store, where they can also cut it to the correct size and shape for you. There are many colors of seeded glass that you can get depending on the kitchen decor though clear is the most popular choice.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Router
  • Jig saw or hole saw (for solid wood doors only)
  • Sandpaper
  • Safety glasses
  • Measuring tape
  • Seeded glass panels
  • Glass clips
  • Clear silicone
  • Gloves
  • Cloth
  • Glass cleaner

Removing the Wood Center Panel

  • Remove the door from the cabinet with a screwdriver.

  • Remove any metal hardware, such as nails or staples, from the area around the center panel where you will cut the wood.

  • Using the router, cut the wood strip holding the center panel in the frame around all four sides so that it can be removed. Take care not to cut through the center panel and damage the frame on the front side.

  • Remove the center panel from the frame. If it is glued to the front lip of the frame, you may be able to loosen it using a blade. Take care not to damage the frame.

  • If it is a solid wood door, or the panel is glued and cannot be removed, use the jig saw or hole saw to cut out the center. Measure a width around the outside for the frame if needed. Approximately 2 inches is a good size for the frame, depending on the size of the door.

  • Use the router to cut a lip around the back side of the frame to set the glass against.

  • Smooth down the front side of the new frame using a sander or sand paper.

Install the Glass Panel

  • Use gloves when handling glass to protect your hands from sharp edges. If desired, you can ask the glass store to grind the edges of the glass so they are smooth instead of sharp.

  • Set the glass panel in place to make sure it fits. The glass panel should fit as close to the inside edges of the wood frame as possible, with about a 1/8-inch clearance.

  • Secure glass clips around the sides of the wood frame. Two on each of the four sides should be adequate. Do not tighten them down yet, turn them so that the glass panel can be slid freely into place.

  • Apply a bead of silicone sparingly around the lip of the wood frame and set the glass in place. This step is optional as the glass clips alone may be adequate to hold the glass. If rattling is a problem, the silicone can be used to cushion the glass.

  • Turn and tighten the glass clips to hold the glass panel in place.

  • Clean with a soft cloth and glass cleaner.

  • Reattach the door to the kitchen cabinet.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check building codes in your area. Tempered glass may be required if the cabinet is at a level that makes it a safety hazard.
  • Use safety glasses when cutting wood or glass to avoid possible eye injury.

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