How to Move a Gun Safe Upstairs


Moving large items of furniture can be both a difficult and dangerous task without the right equipment. If you are looking to move a gun safe upstairs you should be especially careful because a gun safe can weigh as much as seven times the average weight of a refrigerator. If you can't find the right equipment to rent, can't find a crew to help you or have back problems, hire a moving team to make sure the job gets done safely and correctly.

Things You'll Need

  • Appliance dolly
  • Measuring tape
  • 6 able-bodied people
  • Rope
  • Find out the weight of your gun safe. If you are not sure of the weight, estimate it based on similar models by calling your local gun safe dealer.

  • Measure your gun safe, and then measure your stairs, doorways and hallways. Make sure there is ample room to move your gun safe from its current location to the location you desire, including enough room to rotate it.

  • Remove all items from your gun safe. While it may not seem like much, the weight of guns can add up. Make sure there is someone to guard the guns while they are removed from the safe.

  • Rent or borrow an appliance dolly rated for the size and weight of your gun safe. Ask the home supply store or consult the manual to find out if the appliance dolly is appropriate for your safe. If you safe is too heavy to rent a dolly, hire professionals to do the job.

  • Tilt the gun safe enough to slide the bottom of the appliance dolly underneath it. Have two people on the pushing side, three people on the pulling side and one person to slide the dolly.

  • Strap the gun safe onto the dolly (follow the instructions in the manual of the dolly).

  • Use two people to move the dolly to the foot of the stairs.

  • Tie two lengths of rope to the dolly. Run the rope up the stairs. If possible, run the ropes through an open window and attach them to a truck hitch to help pull. If not, have two people at the top of the stairs to help support the move.

  • Move the safe up the stairs. With two people pulling at the ropes, have two more people pulling the safe up the stairs. Move one stair at a time, first with a vertical pull, then with a lateral pull.

  • Remove the ropes when the safe is completely up the stairs.

  • Navigate the safe into the desired location with two people on the pulling end and two people assisting by pushing. Do not move too quickly and keep the weight even to avoid the safe falling.

  • Set the dolly down. Unstrap the gun safe and pull out the dolly by lifting it up and away from the safe.

Tips & Warnings

  • Have all of your helpers warm up and stretch before they attempt to move the safe. Make sure there is enough room to move your gun safe, including turning room. It can be easy (and extremely dangerous) to get your safe jammed in a space and not be able to remove it.
  • If your gun safe exceeds 400 pounds, it is best to professionals to deal with the job. Make sure all of your helpers are healthy and able to assist with moving your gun safe. Do not have anyone push the safe up the stairs. If the gun safe were to fall, it could severely injure or kill the person underneath it.

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