How to Install a Wall Mounted Ironing Board


Ironing boards are the bane of our existence. We need to have them, but they take up so much space. Even folded up, they're still big and bulky and take up a lot of space in a closet. In new construction you can avoid this problem by installing an ironing board in between the wall studs. However, after a home has been built, this isn't really an option for most of us. A good compromise is a wall-mounted ironing board. These are available at home stores in kits that include an ironing board mounted inside a cupboard you attach directly onto a wall. When you need to iron, you just open the cupboard and unfold the ironing board. Once you're done, fold up the board, close the cupboard and the ironing board is stored away out of sight but ready for use. Here is how to install a wall-mounted ironing board

Things You'll Need

  • Wall-mounted ironing board kit
  • Screw drivers (usually Phillips)
  • Level
  • Drill and drill bit
  • Measuring tape
  • Stud finder (optional)
  • Start by determining the best place to install your new ironing board. You need some clear wall space, ample floor space and a location near a power outlet.

  • Find a wall stud in your chosen location and mark its location. You need to mount the ironing board directly into a wall stud because of the weight and pressure you put on the board when ironing.

  • Open the box containing your ironing board kit and check that all the pieces are there. You should have the cabinet, a door(s), hinges for the door and mounting bolts for the cabinet.

  • Lay the cabinet on the floor and mount the hinges onto the door(s) and the cabinet. If necessary, adjust the door hinges so the door will hang level. (It's easier to do the initial installation of the doors and hinges with the cabinet on the ground rather than on the wall.) Now remove the adjusted doors while you install the cupboard.

  • Determine how high you want to mount your cabinet. Standard height for an ironing board is 36 inches off the ground, but you need to allow for the height of the cabinet itself. The kit instructions should tell you how much space you need to allow, but 9 inches is standard, so if that's th case you want to measure up 27 inches from the ground (36"- 9" = 27").

  • Measure up from the floor 27 inches and make a mark on the wall. This is be where the bottom of the cabinet will sit.

  • Drill mounting holes in the top and bottom mounting supports of the cabinet itself (if they aren't already there).

  • Hold the cabinet up to the wall, place it on the bottom line and mark the top and bottom hole locations on the wall.

  • Using a level or plumb bob make sure the two marks are vertical and drill holes into the wall stud for your mounting bolts.

  • Lift up the cabinet and attach the top mounting bolt through the cabinet into the wall. Ensure the cabinet is plumb and level, install the bottom bolt and tighten both bolts up.

  • If the board isn't already mounted in your particular kit, now is the time to install the board onto its mounting brackets, reinstall your doors and you're ready to start ironing.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can usually find wall studs by looking for electrical outlets (the outlet boxes are mounted directly onto a wall stud). Or you can measure 16 or 32 inches (studs are usually 16 inches apart) from a window (windows and doors are usually installed in between wall studs).
  • Once you think you've found a stud, tap lightly on the wall in that area. Empty wall space will sound hollow, but if you are tapping on a stud the wall will give back a more solid sound.
  • Alternatively, you can use a commercial stud finder (available at your home store).

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