How to Disable Alarms


There are many different kinds of alarms in the world. Some of the most popular alarms protect homes and cars from theft and detect smoke. Once in a while, either due to malfunction or other unforeseen problems, you may need to disable these alarms. Each alarm has a different disabling process. But they all are relatively simple to perform.

Things You'll Need

  • Crowbar
  • Coat hanger
  • Wire cutters
  • Disable your home alarm, using a deactivation code. Every home alarm has a unique code that will prevent it from sounding. Enter this code in the main panel and hit then "Enter". This will deactivate the alarm.

  • Remain close to your home’s phone system. If you accidentally trip the alarm and then need to disable it, wait for the alarm system company to follow up by phone. Most home security companies will phone to confirm that it is not necessary for the police to show up to your home.

  • Learn to disarm a car alarm. Crawl under your car to permanently disable the alarm. There, you should see thin electrical wiring hanging off the frame of the car. Snip the wires to deactivate the alarm.

  • Pry open your car’s door using a crowbar. If you do not wish to permanently deactivate your alarm, slip the thin end of a crowbar into the top part of the door in order to get some space between the frame and the door. Slip a straightened coat hanger down into the space and then press the unlock button to disable the alarm.

  • Remove a smoke alarm from the ceiling by twisting and pulling down the unit. To disable this alarm simply pull off the battery cover and remove the battery.

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