How to Hang Drywall on a Wall


Hanging the drywall on the walls will seem like a breeze once you've done the ceilings. Follow these directions to get it right.

Things You'll Need

  • Drywall Hammers
  • Drywall Screw Gun
  • Drywall Screws Or Nails
  • Sawhorses
  • Gather your equipment: drywall nails and a hammer, or drywall screws and a screw gun if you prefer. A couple of sawhorses and plenty of light contribute to a productive workstation and go a long way toward making the job easier.

  • Mark wall stud locations on ceiling and floor so you can easily find them when nailing.

  • Cut drywall to needed size. (See "How to Cut Drywall" in Related eHows.)

  • Apply the drywall in one of two patterns: "perpendicular" - one sheet running from floor to ceiling; or "horizontal" - two sheets placed one above the other to span the distance from floor to ceiling. (Most pros prefer the horizontal method because it usually involves fewer butt joints and has only one seam joint - at an easy-to-work-with height all the way around the room.)

  • Place scrap pieces of drywall on the floor along the wall; set the first row of drywall on top of these and position the drywall against the wall according to your measurements. (Once the drywall is in place, remove the scrap pieces - this gap between the floor and the bottom of the drywall allows room to work with carpet, tile or other floor coverings.)

  • Tap a few nails into the top of the drywall to hold it in position while you proceed.

  • Hold the drywall with one hand; hammer or screw the nails through the drywall, into the studs, with the other hand.

  • Continue nailing or screwing the drywall to the wall studs, placing a nail or screw about every 8 inches.

  • Set the second row right on top of the first and you should have little problem holding it in place. Fasten it to the wall using the same guideline as the first row.

Tips & Warnings

  • Standard-height walls will hold two sheets with a 1/2-inch gap. Hang drywall so that gap is at the floor, where it will be covered by a baseboard.
  • Use a lifter such as a large screwdriver balanced on a small block of wood to push the bottom piece of drywall flush with the top piece.
  • After all the drywall is hung, you can place the corner beads where needed. (See "How to Install a Corner Bead.")
  • Check building codes for regulations about whether to use nails or screws to hang drywall.
  • Drywall is heavy and awkward to work with. Take your time and lift in the proper fashion. Getting some help is a good idea.
  • Remember, when doing an entire room it's always easiest to hang the ceiling first.

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