How to Hang Curtains in a Corner Window


Most corner windows will have slightly different measurements than windows that are located elsewhere; however, it is still possible to hang curtains over those windows. It only takes some careful measuring and a little advance preparation.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Sturdy step stool or ladder
  • Paper and pencil for recording measurements
  • Curtain rods and the hardware for mounting them
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver

Hanging Curtains in a Corner Window

  • Decide if the curtains will hang over the entire window, including where the window frame is attached to the wall, or just over the window glass itself.

  • Carefully measure the area where the curtain will hang. Don’t forget to allow for the hardware installation, as this may add up to an extra one-half inch on both sides.

  • Take the measurements to the place where the curtain rods and curtains will be purchased.

  • Find the items that exactly match the measurements. It may be necessary to have the curtains custom-made, and the rods custom-fit.

  • Once the rods and curtains have been obtained, take the hardware necessary for mounting the curtain rods, place it on the wall or part of the window frame where it needs to be mounted, and mark the screw holes with a pencil.

  • If possible, continue to hold the hardware in place while drilling the screw holes. If the drill you are using will both drill the hole and place the screw at the same time, so much the better. If not, carefully drill the holes in the appropriate places, then use the screwdriver to finish the mounting process.

  • Repeat Step 6 for where the other side of the rod will attach.

  • Thread the curtain(s) over the rod.

  • If the rod comes in two pieces, and it is a one-piece curtain, thread the curtain over one piece, fit the other piece into place, then continue to thread the curtain over the rest of the rod.

  • If the curtain has two panels, and the rod is a one-piece, simply thread one panel halfway from one end, then thread the other panel from the other end. Adjust the material at the top as needed.

  • Attach the rod to the hardware; make adjustments to the drape of the curtain(s) as needed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Look for curtain rods that are especially made for corner windows.
  • This task is easier when help is available. An extra pair of hands never hurts.
  • If ordering curtains and accessories online, double-check the measurements when the order is being placed. The wrong number can make the difference between the curtains and accessories fitting or not.
  • Don’t think that it doesn’t matter if the measurements aren’t exact, unless they are slightly larger. Too -small rods will not hold the curtains; too-small curtains will not look right.
  • Use extreme caution when climbing up and down the step stool or ladder. Make sure your footing is firm.
  • Use extreme caution when using power tools. Cords can cause you to trip, or electric shock may even occur.
  • Make sure the hardware is securely mounted. If it is not, the weight of the curtains could cause it to pull loose from the wall or window frame, causing damage.

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