How to Decorate a Loft


A loft can be difficult to decorate, especially when it is small or has split levels. Don't be discouraged because there is a way to decorate your loft beautifully even with a budget, a small space and a difficult floor plan.

Getting Around the Floor Plan

  • Consider using the loft area for a purpose other than a bedroom.

  • Use an air mattress or bean bags instead of heavy, cumbersome beds with frames.

  • Ask your landlord to consider changing the stair layout if it is a spiral or ladder staircase. These are difficult and dangerous to use when carrying items, especially furniture.

  • Think about placing a desk or your bed under the loft with a curtain around it instead of in the loft area. Use the loft for a guest room or storage area.

Create Storage Options

  • Look around your loft for obvious storage areas such as cupboards and drawers. Store any clutter in these receptacles.

  • Search for hidden storage spaces, such as under your bed, under other furniture pieces, walls and ceilings, or attics and garages if you have them.

  • Determine where usable storage space is located and clean out what is there now. Measure these spaces and keep your eye out for storage containers and contents to fit.

  • Utilize baskets and under bed drawers, which work really well in and under beds, tables and shelves.

  • Take advantage of cute boxes, food containers and milk crates that you already have, which can be used as storage containers. They can even be spray-painted to be more decorative.

Create More Space

  • Make each item you own serve more than one purpose when space is an issue. For instance, a table could also serve as a craft area, ironing board, and desk. Place shelves and drawers near it to keep other items from getting messed up while eating, and a towel on it while ironing to protect it.

  • Weigh the pros and cons of a futon, bunk beds or daybed for a small loft, instead of a regular bed.

  • Place furniture along walls whenever possible to create more floor space.

  • Manipulate mirrors or furniture with places to see through to create the illusion of more space.

  • Get rid of furniture and belongings that you don't need or use and that have no sentimental value.

  • Bring into play vacuum-sealing bags for long-term storage of bulky items.

Stylish Budget Decorating Tips

  • Luxuriate in bright color and patterns to brighten up your space. This will draw the eye away from the amount of furnishings.

  • Keep your decorating clean and simple with a few unique items thrown in for excitement.

  • Go to garage sales, flea markets, auctions and department store sales. These are great places to get designer fashion and antiques for low prices.

  • Pick up furniture on the side of the road whenever you see something salvageable. Be sure to clean it really well, and then reupholster it

  • Subscribe to free shopping catalogs that contain decorating items. Keep an eye out for these items.

  • Enjoy using books, photos and posters as decorating tools.

  • Avail yourself of fabric to decorate. A shawl or blanket draped over a sofa can be very decorative.

Tips & Warnings

  • Learn to refurbish your own furniture and belongings instead of paying someone else to do it and buying new furniture.
  • Let friends and family know you are in need of decorating assistance. Lots of people will be willing to help you, and may even give you items they no longer need.
  • Don't bring furniture into your house from garage sales, flea markets, or the side of the road without first cleaning it really well and reupholstering it. You could end up with pests or smells.
  • Never paint or change anything other than belongings without checking your lease to be sure it is ok. When in doubt, check with your landlord.

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