Replacement Glass for Windows


Replacement glass for windows is needed when a window becomes broken or damaged. This can be something simple like an older window getting cracked or something more elaborate such as a chair breaking a larger pane of glass. Homeowners may worry about the expense or problems associated with replacing the glass, but this is actually easy because of the large number of retailers selling types of replacement glass.


  • Prior to ordering replacement glass for windows, homeowners need to first carefully measure the size of the glass in terms of width. There's a sash placed inside the window that hides a spacer strip, which was often used on older homes. This spacer strip holds double paned glass in place, without letting the two pieces touch. Windows with this feature are typically smaller and must be special ordered. Regular replacement glass won't fit in this size window.

Insulated Glass

  • Clear insulated glass is one type of replacement glass for windows that's highly popular with homeowners. This glass is significantly cheaper than some of the other versions, but is of a high quality. The glass itself is fairly plain, without any cost saving measures. It's the same type of glass used in many modern homes because it's efficient, but not costly. It's available in smaller sizes such as small panes and larger sizes to replace a large window.

Low-e Glass

  • Low-e glass gets its name from the fact that it's a low emission glass. It traps in the heat and keeps it inside the house. It also reduces the amount of air that gets inside the house. This helps reduce heating and cooling bills. However, this also makes the glass more expensive. It can be up to twice as expensive as other glass.


  • Homeowners now have the option of buying something known as a window replacement kit. This kit includes the window, caulking and the window frame. They're available in both vinyl and wood options to fit the style and décor of any home. The benefit of these kits is that they fit into existing window jambs and most homeowners can install them on their own. These are best for those who have an entire window that they want to replace.

Patterned/Decorative Glass

  • Those with a stained glass window or a window with patterned glass need to look to specialty stores to find replacement pieces. There are several companies marketing glass pieces that mimic the look of older windows and doors. These pieces may be curved, contain colored pieces or use a design on the front. These companies make pieces that easily fit into the broken area, which allows homeowners to replace only one area instead of the entire window.

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