Quick Tips on Removing Lint From a Wool Coat

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There's nothing quite like a wool coat for those cold winter days. Not only do they never seem to go out of style, they provide a warmth and comfort that can't be matched. Perhaps the only drawback to these amazing coats is lint. Lint has a tendency to form little balls on wool coats and can mar the appearance. While it won't hurt the coat or affect the warmth it provides, no one wants to walk around covered in lint.


Simple Solutions

If you own a wool coat, a lint roller can easily become one of your best friends. Make sure that there is fresh tape on the roller and roll it over the entire coat to pick up as much lint as possible. Replace the tape as it gets covered in lint and dispose of it. This may take some time and require several sheets of tape to remove all of the lint.


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Lay the coat flat and press a piece of duct tape to it. Press on the duct tape to make sure it's sticking on there as firmly as possible and pull it away. The same piece of tape will only be good for about two presses before it gets so covered in lint that it's ineffective and will need to be replaced. Press duct tape all over the coat until all of the lint is gone.


Dampen a microfiber cloth and rub it all over the coat. This will help to collect all of the fuzzy little lint balls. Periodically you may need to rinse out the cloth, but be sure that the cloth isn't too wet as water is never good for wool.

Methods That May Take More Effort

If you're steady of hand you can use a razor to gently scrape away the lint. Run the razor down the length of the coat being sure not to press too hard and accidentally rip the coat. Use the razor over the most heavily affected areas to remove as much lint as possible.


Spray an area of the coat with Febreze. Using a rubber gloved hand, rub the area in small circles and the lint will ball up in your hand. Keep working in small areas until all of the lint is gone. Not only will your coat be cleaner looking, it will smell good too.


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