Unusual Things to Do on a Birthday

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A lot of people celebrate their birthday with a cake and presents. If you want a birthday that you and your loved ones will never forget, you have to do something a little more unusual. Get creative and, most importantly, have fun. With an imagination and a willingness to try new things, you just never know how the day might end.


Go Treasure Hunting

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Treasure hunting is something that many people do for fun and some people do it to make some extra cash. Grab a metal detector and a small shovel, and head toward your backyard. If you do not already own a metal detector, you can purchase one for a couple hundred dollars. The more high tech your detector is, the more it will cost. For finding simple treasures like coins and jewelry, a cheap metal detector will work just fine. You might find thousands of dollars in ancient coins or a handful of paperclips.

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Dress in Drag

Maybe your friends are throwing you a party at home or meeting you at your favorite restaurant for your birthday celebration. Attend to your birthday plans as normal, but with a little twist. Show up in drag. Do not make a big deal out of it either. Simply show up in drag, pretending everything is normal. This is sure to make many wonderful memories for your friends and family. You also will be sure to get a kick out of their reactions.


If you are not getting together with a lot of people, you simply could ask a friend to spend the day with you. Go to the mall for some shopping, go out to eat and maybe catch a movie. Do it all in drag and see how many people you can fool. If you want to get your friends involved in the action, have everyone dress in drag and head out for a night on the town.


Set a World Record

You have read the books and maybe seen world records being set on television. On your birthday, research various world records and find something that interests you and get to work. Maybe you could try to bake the tallest cake or try to stand on one foot for the longest recorded time. You can find records to beat that just involve yourself, or you can get all of your friends and family in on the action. Even if you do not beat any world records, you will have a fun time trying.



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