Homemade Camellia Fertilizer

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Camellias are evergreen shrubs or small trees that produce waxy, delicate flowers in single or mixed white, pink, and red shades. The flowers bloom from late fall to spring and the foliage remains green throughout the year. The plants grow best in partially shaded areas and in regions that have mild winters (see Reference 1). The plants are not very hard to grow with the basic requirements of well-drained, highly organic and mildly acidic soil. There are a number of homemade fertilizer recipes for camellias.


Homemade Fertilizer

This fertilizer is good for all acid-loving flowers such as camellias and azaleas. Mix together two parts cottonseed meal with one part fish meal and one part kelp meal. Use 1 lb. of this fertilizer for every inch of trunk diameter. Camellias are best fertilized with this in March and then every two months through their growing period (see Reference 3). Another recommendation is to use cottonseed meal to top-dress camellias just before their first burst of growth in the spring (see Resource 1).


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Epsom Salts Fertilizer

Add 1 tbsp. of Epsom salts to 1 gallon of water and use on camellias twice a year. Camellias should not be fertilized when they are not in an active growth stage (see Resource 1).


Coffee Grounds Fertilizer

This fertilizer is good not only for camellias but also for hollies, azaleas, and rhododendrons. Mix well together 4 cups coffee grounds, 1 cup wood ash, and 1 cup bone meal. Scatter the fertilizer evenly on the ground shaded by the shrub. The recommended amount is 1 lb. of fertilizer for every 1 foot of shaded ground diameter (see Resource 2).


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