Fun Games at a Wine & Cheese Party

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A wine and cheese party is great way to mix sophistication with the simple fun of a social gathering. As people's knowledge and taste in wine have matured, so has the need for new and interesting ideas for parties. Creating fun games at the event is a matter of mixing class and creativity while still playing to the crowd.


Figure Out Your Audience

You might be hosting a wine and cheese party for friends you have known for 20 years, or you might be trying it out for a business-style mixer. The important thing is to make sure the kinds of games fit the tastes of the players, just like a well-matched pairing of wine and cheese. People are very different. Redbook Magazine suggests playing a guessing game on organic wines. provides a detailed list of wines and cheeses with the simple suggestion to turn on some music and enjoy.


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Sophisticated Games

  1. Connoisseur Contest: Set up blind tastings of both the wine and the cheese to see who at the party really does know his varietals, regions and vineyards. To make it interesting, offer a select bottle of wine or a finely aged cheese to whoever gets the most accurate answers.

  2. Tasting Cards: Make up unique tasting cards for each pairing of wine and cheese. Each of the party goers gets her own handcrafted card with a detailed description of the type of wine, year, the vineyard, the country of origin and so on. Everyone gets 10 minutes to memorize their cards and then they must describe the pairing for the rest of the night to anyone who asks.

  3. Around The World: Arrange the bottles of wine and cuts of cheeses according to country of origin. Party goers can move from one station to the next as they circle the world of wine.


Party-Minded Games

  1. Talent Show: Each person has to stand in front of the crowd and use whatever talent he has to describe the wine. He can sing, play music, make a drawing or whatever else comes to his inebriated mind. The crowd can vote on the best and worst performance.

  2. Group Wine Description: Place a large piece of paper next to each bottle of wine or tape it to the wall. See who can make up the funniest description of the wine by mocking the pretentious language wine snobs sometimes use. Read them aloud at the end of the night.

  3. Before and After Contest: See who can and cannot handle her wine. Give everyone a fact at the beginning of the party about a particular wine or cheese. After the party is in full swing, ask each person what she remembers being told.


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