Care of Swanstone

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Swanstone offers kitchen and bath solid surface products including tub and shower molds, sinks and counter tops. Swanstone is made of natural minerals and acrylic resins that are compression molded to prevent cracking and surface damage. Swanstone products also have an incredible heat resistance withstanding up to 450 degrees so that items such as hot pots or curling irons won't damage the surface. Swanstone surfaces are also resistant to acetone, cosmetics and colored beverages.


Basic Cleaning and Care Recommendations

Swanstone surfaces are generally easy to clean but abrasive scouring pads should always be avoided. Abrasive cleaners such as Ajax or Comet are safe to use on most Swanstone surfaces with the exception of Swanstone showers. The shower surface is designed with high sheen surfaces to prevent soap scum build up. Prolonged exposure to harsh cleaners will dull the surface over time and potentially cause soap scum build up.


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Shower surfaces should be cleaned regularly with soft cleaning products such as Lysol or Mr. Clean. To clean shower surfaces apply the cleaning product across the surface and allow the product to sit and disinfect for several minutes. Use a soft cloth to clean off the product and rinse the area thoroughly with warm water. For Swanstone kitchen sinks the company recommends regular use of Weiman's Granite Polish to provide an extra seal of protective coating over the surface. The polish should be used in addition to cleaning with the regular products such as Ajax or Comet.


Stains and Spills

Swanstone has a reputation for creating incredibly durable surface products and stain removal should be relatively easy. For food based stains in kitchen sinks a 50/50 bleach water solution should be applied to the surface and allowed to soak for at least 15 minutes. If the sink has rust or hard water stains products such as Rust-Out are safe to use. For various marks or discoloration a rubbing compound such as 3M can be applied in a circular motion and rinsed thoroughly to remove the spots. When cleaning stains on Swanstone shower floor surfaces it is important to not leave cleaning products on the surfaces to soak for extended periods of time as prolonged contact could potentially discolor the surface. For hard water and mineral stains on shower floors scale removers are recommended. Prolonged chemical contact should also be avoided when cleaning shower walls and most soft liquid cleaners will take care of any soap scum build up that may occur.



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