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There is nothing more annoying than a stopped up bathroom drain. When washing your face or brushing your teeth, the last thing you want to see is a basin backed up with scummy water. In the shower, how clean can you feel when ankle deep in dirty water before you get out? Drain King is a chemical free, environmentally sound product designed to flush these clogs away.


Drain King Purchase

Drain King is available in hardware stores for about $20. Manufactured by GT Water and made in America, Drain King comes in a variety of sizes designed to fit the drains of bathtubs and sinks. You'll have to measure your drain, however, before buying. Someone at the hardware store should be able to tell you the size of Drain King you will need. You'll also have to purchase a Drain King 10-foot garden hose. The two products will save you a small fortune compared to what a plumber would charge and will keep you from filling your pipes with corrosive chemicals.


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Step 1

Most tubs and sinks have stoppers or drain screens that are easily removed. A drain screen is the flat metallic piece sitting over the drain. It's typically full of holes allowing for the buildup of hair and other tiny particles that eventually clog the drain. If you look closely at this screen you will see a screw holding it in place. Simply find a screwdriver that fits the screw and remove. Stoppers are solid. They usually push down and pull up. If you pull it up and then twist, you'll be pleased to find the stopper easily screws completely off. Once the piece is removed, you'll have an open drain for the magic of the Drain King.


Step 2

Screw the hose onto the matching end of the Drain King. Place the other end of the Drain King down into the drain. The other end of the hose attaches to the faucet. Once attached, turn the water on slowly. The part of the Drain King in the drain has rubber ends that will expand for a snug fit once water flows through the hose and down into the drain. Increase the pressure of the water until it pushes the clog free and flushes it out. Once the clog is cleared, shut off the water, unscrew the hose, take out the Drain King and replace your stoppers.


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