Free Plans to Make a Wooden Chest

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A wooden chest is an easy way to get more storage

One of the biggest concerns for any homeowner is storage. Often times, people start putting things in closets until they are full and then they lose track of what is the there. If you are looking for some extra storage, a wooden chest might be the way to go. Not only will this give you extra storage space, but it can double as a nice piece of furniture.


Tools and Materials

For this project you will need a few tools and supplies. For the chest itself, you will need one 8' 1"x12" board for the top and sides, one 2'x2' piece of ½" plywood for the bottom, and one 4' piece of 1"x4" for bracing. You will also need a half pound of wood screws, a drill with a screw bit, a saw, two hinges for the top, a support hinge, and two handles for the outside.


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Cutting the Wood and Building the Base

To start, you will need to cut down your piece of 1"x12" board. On the 1"x12", measure and cut three 24" sections and two 12" sections. The 24" sections are the front, back and the top, and the 12" sections will be used as the sides. You will also need to cut your plywood so that it measures, 22 ¾" x 12 ¾". After you have cut all of the pieces, you will need to assemble the base. Place the plywood down on a hard surface. Place the front and back panels on the outside of the longer sides of the plywood and screw them into it. Then place the sides on the outside of the smaller side of the plywood and screw it in. Finally, screw the sides into the front and back panels.


Building the Lid and Putting it Together

Next, cut the 4' piece of 1"x4" in half. Set one half aside and cut an inch off the long side of the board that you have. This should give you are board which is 3" wide by 24" long. Place this board on top of the chest so that it is flush with the edge of the back panel and screw it in. Next, take the remaining piece of 1"x4" and cut it so that it is 9 1/2" long. Then cut two pieces which are 3/4" thick. You should now have two pieces which are ¾" square and are 9 1/2" long. These pieces are used as support for the lid. On the lid, place these pieces 1" from either of the short edges and center them vertically. Once in place, screw them in. Place the lid on top of the chest and attach it to the top brace using hinges. Open the lid and attach the support hinge to one side of the interior of the chest and one of the lower support ¾" pieces. Finally, attach your handles to the exterior sides of the chest. If you wish, you can paint or stain the chest to match your existing furniture.



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