When Should Flag Bunting Be Displayed?

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Flag bunting is red, white and blue bunting that usually has patterns of stars or stripes on it. Bunting is a material that is used in many different ways, such as to string on porches or fences or other places. Bunting can be displayed in various ways because the rules that apply to displaying flags do not apply to bunting. Therefore, flag bunting can be displayed at several different times. Whenever you choose to display flag bunting, display it proudly.


Fourth of July

Flag bunting can be displayed during the Fourth of July holiday. Many people will begin displaying it a few days before the holiday and might continue to display it a few days after the holiday. Display your bunting on porches, fences, windows, parade floats or anywhere else that it looks good. Flag bunting is not considered an actual American flag, so it does not need to be taken down at night.


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Other American Holidays

Many people choose to display their flag bunting during other American holidays. These include Memorial Day, Labor Day and Armistice Day. Depending on what you are doing to celebrate these holidays, flag bunting can help you in your celebrations. You might use it for table decorations, hang it from your balcony or decorate your boat with it during a boat parade. No matter what you decide to do, flag bunting is a representation of the flag, so it should be treated with respect.


Troops Return

Flag bunting can also be displayed as troops return home from war or from service. Flag bunting should be displayed around telephone poles, on people's homes or in windows. The bunting can be used to decorate an armory or another place where troops are returning. When bunting is used to decorate for troops' return, it can be displayed proudly along with American flags and other red, white and blue decorations.



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