Leather Jewelry Making

Knotted leather jewelry

You can find leather cording in shades of brown, black, blue, red, gray, green and white in diameters from 0.5 mm to 3 mm for jewelry making. Consider mixing and matching strips of leather cord to make a beaded braid choker or a knotted friendship bracelet. You can also create a simple and stylish necklace with thick leather cord and your choice of beads or a pendant.

Beaded Leather Choker

You can braid 0.5-mm or 1-mm leather cording with beads to create a stylish braided choker. Each braid requires three strips of leather cording and a few beads no larger than 6 mm. You should cut the strips to fit around your neck, plus 10 inches to account for the braiding, the knots and the tie at the end. Lay the leather cords side by side and connect each side one to the middle cord with a tight double knot 3 inches from the end. Add a bead to the center cord and then cross the side strands over the center beneath the bead to make a braid. Continue to add beads to the center cord as you braid your choker to fit around your neck. Knot the end of the braid the same way you did at the beginning. Leave about 3 inches so you can tie it around your neck and cut off the excess.

Leather Cording

You can slide on a series of colorful beads or center an art-glass pendant over thick leather cording (2 or 3 mm in diameter) or braided leather cording to make a quick and easy necklace. You can connect the ends with a simple knot or add a clasp with the help of crimp beads. You'll also need crimp pliers to properly set the crimp bead over the cording. When you finish adding your beads to the leather, thread a crimp bead before you feed one end of the cord through one half of your clasp. Fold the leather double at the end around the clasp; then slide the crimp bead over both strips and set it with your pliers. You'll need to repeat this easy step on both sides of your necklace.

Leather Friendship Bracelet

Make a simple leather friendship bracelet with 0.5-mm leather cord tied in a series of tight knots. You'll need three strips of 30-inch leather in three separate colors for a mosaic style bracelet or three strips of the same color leather for a monochromatic look. Begin by knotting two of the strands together at the end, then tie the third just beneath the knot made by the first two. Continue tying knots, two strands together with one beneath, for the length of your bracelet. Connect the ends with a snap you can glue on or insert a 3-inch leather strip through the ends of your friendship bracelet, knot the strip on both ends and use it to tie your bracelet around your wrist.

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