Surprise 28th Birthday Party Ideas

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Surprise Your Friend on Her 28th Birthday

A surprise party for a 28th birthday carries the element of shock. Most people anticipate a big party when turning thirty, so doing it two years early is sure to be unexpected. Celebrate the twenty eight year old guest of honor any way you choose, but remember to toss in plenty of reminders that thirty is just around the corner.


Old Enough To Know Better... Still Too Young To Care

Recapture The Excitement of A Kid's Party

Throw an old fashioned children's birthday party for your twenty-eight year old friend. Make a cake, play pin the tail on the donkey, have a water balloon fight and pass out noisemakers and party hats. Make the theme something from the guest of honor's past that is back in style, like transformers or My Little Pony. Be silly and have a good time at this celebration of the fact that thirty is still a few years away and acting like a kid is still acceptable.


Almost Over the Hill

Over the Hill? Almost!

Remind the guest of honor that he is almost old, but not quite there yet. Encourage him to enjoy life now, because in a few more years he will be too old. A great way to do this would be to throw a surprise party at a big amusement park. Force the birthday boy to ride every roller coaster in the park, because he is still young enough to do so and needs to hang on to his youth for a few more years.


If an amusement park is not convenient for your guests, you can get creative with a location. A water park is another good option. To go really crazy with the idea of loving life while you are still young enough to do so, take the birthday boy skydiving or bungee jumping. Invite party guests to come along to watch the excitement. It will be a surprise party the 28 year old will never forget.

Close Enough

Throw a 30th Birthday Party A Few Years Early!

Throw a surprise 28th birthday party that isn't a 28th birthday at all. Really surprise your birthday girl by throwing her a thirtieth birthday party. On all of the black party decorations that say "Happy Thirtieth Birthday", add labels that say "Close Enough!"


Carry this idea out on everything involved in the party. Instead of writing happy birthday on the cake, ask the baker to right "Close Enough!" or "Practically Thirty!" Decorate with black balloons and tease your guest of honor about how she might as well start saying she's thirty so she can get used to the idea.