Easy Crafts to Make Money With

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Selling crafts online, at fairs, or to friends and family is a way to make extra cash while doing a hobby you enjoy. Some crafts are easier to make and sell than others. The quicker and less expensive a craft is, the more money you may be able to make. A quick learning curve is important so you can begin selling your creations as soon as possible.


Most people buy and use greeting cards, making them a good choice for an easy--and easy to sell--craft. To get started, you need cardstock, envelopes, and embellishments. Make general purpose or holiday cards. Handwrite the message inside or print it in a nice font on your computer. Scrapbooking stores are stocked with embellishments for cardmaking. Drawing your own designs and printing them is another option.

Envelopes that fit the cards are a must. Purchase invitation or card-size envelopes at a stationary or office supply store and design your cards to fit them. Alternately, separate an existing envelope along the seams and lay it flat on a piece a of poster board and trace around it to make a template. Use the template to make coordinating envelopes for your cards by tracing around it on paper, folding it, and gluing it together.


Candles are a popular item. They are an inexpensive way for your customers to pamper themselves with their favorite scent. Melt-and-pour candles are the easiest to make. You need molds, wax, wicks, and scent. Melt the wax in a double boiler, then mix in the scent and any coloring. Set the wicks into the molds and pour in the melted wax. Allow the candles to harden, then pop them from the molds. Package them in attractive papers or bags to sell.

Another option is to pour the wax into jars. Layer multiple colors or choose a single color. Teacups, votive holders, and small tins are other container options. You can decorate the containers or leave them plain.

Polymer Clay Creations

Versatile polymer clay is easy to work with and can be baked permanently hard in a basic household oven. It comes in a variety of colors, including glow-in-the dark and glitter. Bake polymer clay creations in a preheated oven at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. Allow them to cool before handling.

Use polymer clay to make jewelry, such as rings, earrings, pendants, and charms. The clay is light enough for most uses and can be formed into any shape. Make holes for the jewelry findings and jump rings before baking, then secure with jewelry glue afterward.

Figurines, beads, business card holders, and cellphone charms are just a few more ideas for polymer clay.

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