Things to Make Out of Old Snow Skis

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Ski bench

When snow skis wear out or have seen better days and need to be replaced, don't throw them away or even try to resell them. Instead, savor the memories of great skiing trips by using them to make useful or decorative objects for inside and outside the home.



There are many different kinds of benches that can be crafted from old snow skis. Create the foundational supports out of strong oak, cedar or teak, and then use the skis to make the seat portion of the bench. If you can acquire enough old snow skis, you can lay the skis side by side to make the bench so that the tips of the skis are at the back of the bench for an interesting lift that would create a comfortable seating area.

An alternative option is to cut the tips off of the skis and lay the skis side by side so that the entire length of the skis makes up the bench. Use between eight and 10 skis to make a bench like this.


Adirondack Chairs

Use snow skis to make a variety of different Adirondack chairs.

Make an Adirondack lounge out of snow skis. Use skis with the tips left on them for the back of the chair. Place seven skis together side by side so that the tips are at the top. The center ski should be the highest ski and then the skis on either side of this ski are slightly shorter, the skis on the outside of these skis are shorter, and the skis on the outside of these skis are the shortest length. Make the seat portion and the leg portion of the chair out of shorter lengths of skis laid side by side. Construct the arms of the chair and the foundation of the chair out of cedar so that it will withstand weather conditions outside.


Make a shorter Adirondack chair in the same fashion without the leg portion of the chair. Make smaller Adirondack chairs to fit children in the same fashion.

Coat Racks

Use one single snow ski with the tip left on to make an interesting coat rack. Screw in wooden hooks or metal hooks spaced evenly along the entire length of the ski. If wooden hooks are used, paint them in bright colors to match the colors of the ski. Install hanging hardware on the back of the ski for attaching the ski to the wall. Use this coat rack in a teenager's room or in a rec room as an interesting focal point.