Dremel Wood Carving Ideas

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Dremels are versatile wood-carving tools.

The Dremel, invented more than 70 years ago, is a small handheld wood-carving power tool that uses various attachments to allow woodworkers to carve, sand and engrave. Every aspect of the carving process can be done with a Dremel on small or medium-size projects. The various attachments for the Dremel allow for precision carving, and just about any woodcraft an artist can conceive can be achieved with a Dremel rotary carver and its many tools.


Wood Spirit Walking Stick

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Dremels are good tools for carving wood spirits.

A Dremel with one of its many cutting wheel attachments is the ideal tool for carving "wood spirits" into walking sticks. Add a Dremel routing attachment and use it in conjunction with Dremel cutting wheels, and you can carve facial features of wood spirits directly into a tree, letting the characteristics of the tree itself guide your Dremel.


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Bust Carving

Use the tungsten steel cutting wheels to carve busts.

Dremels are easy to maneuver and are the perfect carving tool for fashioning lifelike busts from hardwoods. The tungsten steel cutting wheels and sanders make carving and finishing busts from a solid piece of wood easy and fun.


Dollhouse Furniture

Making dollhouse furniture requires a delicate engraving tool.

Dollhouse furniture is delicate and requires precision craftsmanship. The Dremel is an appropriate choice for these projects. Attachments are available in an array of sizes, with cutters and engravers small enough to do the surgical precision work required for all types of miniature work. The engraving attachments allow you to add detailed engraving to these small projects as well, adding a final touch of realism.


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