Instructions for the Bissell Proheat Turbo

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Bissell's Proheat Turbo carpet cleaner has a built-in heater to warm up the water and cleaning solution before spraying it into the fabric. The self-propelled design makes it easy to push across even the deepest shag carpet. After cleaning, the Proheat Turbo can apply a protective coating of Scotchgard, preventing new spills from soaking into the fabric.


Cleaning the Carpet

Use Bissell Fiber Cleansing solution for regular carpet cleaning. Turn the dial on the SmartMix tank to Normal or High Traffic according to the amount of dirt ingrained the carpet. Turn the unit on and wait approximately one minute to allow the heater to warm up. Hold the trigger down as you slowly move the Proheat over the soiled carpet. Pass over the spot several times while spraying, then let go of the trigger and go back over it with only the vacuum to suck out the dirty water. For tough stains, you may want to pre-treat the area before cleaning. Attach the pre-treat wand, set the SmartMix dial to Heavy Traffic, and set the ReadyTools dial to Tools. Spray the stained area thoroughly and allow it to soak for a few minutes before using the Proheat Turbo.


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Smooth Floors

To clean a smooth floor, use Bissell's Hard Floor solution in the Proheat's tank. Connect the bare floor tool to the nozzle, set the SmartMix setting to Normal, and set the ReadyTools dial to "floor cleaning." Hold down the nozzle while going over the soiled area one time. The solution will not soak into the surface the way it does on carpet or upholstery, so be very careful not to overspray. Thoroughly vacuum the area without using the spray trigger to pick up as much moisture as possible. When cleaning, start at the point farthest from the room's exit and work backwards toward the door so you do not track on the cleaned areas.


Removing Spots From Upholstery

Check the manufacturer's tag to make sure it is safe to use the Proheat on your upholstery. If the tag has a "W" or "WS" label, the Bissell cleaning solution should not damage the fabric. Of course, you should still test a small, hidden area of the upholstery before taking the chance of ruining an expensive piece of furniture. This will also show if the color is going to bleed when it gets wet. Fill the Proheat's tank with Fiber Cleansing solution. Adjust the ReadyTools dial to Tools and the SmartMix dial to Normal. If you have a heavy stain to remove, use the Pre-Treat setting on the ReadyTools dial to increase the power of the cleaning solution spray. Use the upholstery tool attachment to reach into small areas of the upholstery.



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