Pastor Appreciation Cake Decorating Ideas

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Your pastor has been a dedicated servant of God as he tends to each and every member of the church body. She visits the sick and shut-ins. He spends hours preparing sermons and holding meetings. There are times that the church membership will join together and show their appreciation for her work. It may be a birthday party, an ordination ceremony or an anniversary of service. A cake can be a centerpiece for the occasion, and you will want it to be appropriate for the pastor and his family.

Shepherd Cake

A pastor is a shepherd who watches over the flock. Make a shepherd's crook for the pastor's cake. You can use a candy cane-shape cake pan to make the design. You may want to place the shape on top of a rectangular cake for a larger number of servings. Frost the cake with peanut butter, butter cream or chocolate frosting. Spoon tiny bits of a darker frosting here and there on the surface of the cake. Use a fork to make a wood grain pattern in the main frosting. Sink the tines into the frosting about 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep. Pull the fork from the top, down the length of the cake, to the bottom, making slightly irregular furrows in the frosting. Pipe a similar color border around the outer edge and base of the cake.

Religious Symbols

Bake a cross-shaped cake in a pan mold or cut a large rectangular cake into the shape. Frost with light brown frosting. Add a darker shade into the frosting and make wood grain patterns by using a fork to make indentations in the cake surface. Pipe a simple border around the edge of the cross, and then pipe a spray of red roses or white lilies at the center point of the cross. A closed book can be made from a large square rectangle. Embellish the book with a frosting or marzipan lily stem. This can symbolize the Bible or a prayer book. Consider making a larger double set of rectangular cakes to resemble an open book. Frost the cakes, making sure to create a dip in the center just as a book would have when left open on a surface. Assemble a series of photos of the pastor at services and activities over the years. Have the photos made into a set of two edible image pages. Create an open photo album by placing the images on to the two sides of the cake. Pipe the edges with a simple pattern to keep the photos as the main focus.



Photograph the church and have the photo replicated into an edible image. Make a large rectangular-shaped cake. Frost it with white frosting. Pipe a star or ruffled border around the base. Place the edible image of the church onto the center of the cake according to product directions. A more three-dimensional cake can be made by building a church replica from sugar cookies much the same way a gingerbread house is made. Frost and pipe garlands around the building for decorative trim, windows and a door. Place the church in the center of a cake that has been piped and decorated with frosting the color of the landscaping of the church property. A photo of praying hands can also be transferred into an edible image. Place it in the center of a frosted and piped cake. Pipe a simple border in a circle or diamond shape around the hands. Use a writing tip to pipe the words "We are thankful for you Pastor" under the hands on the top of the cake.