Healthy Christmas Snacks for Preschoolers

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As the holiday season approaches, it is difficult to keep your kids away from all those delectable treats at Christmastime. Between all of the family parties and school parties, they'll be bombarded with cakes, cookies, eggnog and candy canes. You might not be able to prevent them from eating every last grain of sugar, but you can steer them toward some healthier snacking when in your sight by serving some crafty munchies with holiday-themed names and colors.

Edible Mistletoe

Applesauce can be packed with sugar. But recently, a new applesauce has hit natural food store shelves that's USDA-approved organic and has no added sweeteners. To start, Smashies comes in a green and red package--very Christmasy. The squeeze-designed packaging is also very kid friendly. Secretly add a dash of green food dye (you might need blue if the sauce is extra yellow). Top off with pitted cherries, which are available in the produce section any time of the year these days. Place bowls of the concoction on a platter with branches of fake mistletoe as decoration, and name your treat mistletoe soup.

Christmas Tree Finger Food

Want to trick your kids into eating broccoli? Just get a little creative with a Christmas motif. Cut a roll of French bread into 2-inch slices. Spoon marinara sauce or salsa onto each slice of bread. Spear one end of broccoli with a toothpick, and place the toothpick into the slice of bread. Distribute about three or four pieces of broccoli per slice of bread. Then sprinkle everything with grated white cheese. Now what you have is a winter forest snowscape your kids will want to dig into immediately. Add Christmas-themed cake toppers like sleds and snowmen to add some playfulness to the scene.

Banana Snowmen

Blend together bananas and 1 percent milk. For a creamier texture, add a few drops of vanilla extract. Place the mixture in the freezer to harden, then scoop three different sized balls, the largest no bigger than a Ping Pong ball. Stack three balls together to make snowmen. To prevent collapsing, spear a toothpick through the center. Use raisin bits for eyes and a nose, a dash of chocolate frosting for the mouth and red licorice string for the scarf. Place your snowman in the freezer to keep sturdy. When ready to serve, in place of a top hat, drape the banana peel over your snowmen, and line the platter with green and white sprinkles for a grassy/snowy effect.