What to Do With Old Magazines

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Old magazines can cause a lot of clutter in any home. Sometimes the photography and fonts used in them are so compelling that it becomes difficult to just put them out for recycling. Here are some crafting ideas that can make use of those magazines that you have finished reading.



Start by selecting a few magazines. Usually fashion or travel ones work the best as the photography used may include breathtaking shots. Cut out the pictures you like most. Once you have an idea of how many pictures you would like to use for this project, select the object that you would like to decoupage. Unfinished wooden furniture works best. Next stop by your local craft store and pick up a jar of decoupage, usually located in the crafting aisle. Once you have all of your supplies, you will need to put a thin coat of decoupage onto the object and quickly place down the magazine clipping you wish to use. You will then put another coat of decoupage on top of the image, being careful to avoid any air pockets. Once finished the decoupage will dry clear, leaving a more finished surface atop of the magazine images.


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Create a Collage

As with decoupage, you will need to select the images you wish to use for this project. In addition, you will need to purchase a piece of poster board or oak tag and a glue stick. Unlike decoupage, you will be able to create layers in a collage, meaning that it is OK for the magazine clippings to overlap. It makes for a more interesting display and fulfills the general principles of a collage.


Scrapbooking paper can run anywhere from 99 cents a page to upwards of $3, as do the stickers and enhancements that many scrapbookers use. Instead of laying out money at the craft store, you can use magazine clippings to create your own. Cut out an interesting font to use for words on the scrapbook pages and the pictures to create creative and budget-friendly page enhancements. In addition, taking the collage idea as discussed above and turning it into the actual back page of a scrapbook page creates a different and often colorful approach to scrapbooking.