Refashioned Suit Jacket Easter Basket

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This year, why not create a handmade fabric Easter basket that your child will cherish long after the treats inside are long gone. Believe it or not, this pretty in pink fabric basket started as an outdated thrift shop suit jacket.

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Also, when word gets out that you like to refashion clothes, your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family will start to give you their ill-fitting, outgrown, and old garments. My friend gave me this cute but unshapely shirt and it's been in my stash for quite awhile. It just wasn't in the stars to be a shirt, but I loved the fabric. Perfect to use for the lining of this Easter basket.

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To make this basket you'll need a tape measure, sharp scissors, and a something round that is the size you'd like for the base of the basket.

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Save the buttons

First, cut off the buttons and save them for later.

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Now measure the diameter of your circle. Multiply the diameter by 3.14. This will give you the circumference of the circle. This measurement will become the length of your side pieces.

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Cut the pieces

Next, determine how tall you would like your basket. My side pieces ended up being 6" (height) X18" (length). You will need three pieces this size: one piece of thick fusible interfacing, one piece for the lining, and one for the outer piece. You will also need three round pieces for the base of the basket: one piece of thick fusible interfacing, one piece for the lining, and one for the outer piece. In addition, you'll need to cut 4 pieces for the straps. You can freehand the size and shape you'd like.

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Gathered insert

If you'd like to have a gathered insert in your outer piece, multiply the length of your side pieces by 2. This will be the length of your gathered piece. Determine how wide you'd like your insert and this will become the width. I used the bottom of the shirt for this because it had some nice details.

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Stitch length

Set your sewing machine to the longest stitch.

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Use the longest stitch length to baste both edges of the insert.

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Pull on the bobbin thread to gather both sides the insert piece.

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Adjust gathers

Adjust the gathers so the insert is the same length as the side pieces.

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With right sides together, pin one side of the gathered insert to one side of the outer fabric.

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Sew and repeat this process on the other side.

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Press the wrong side of the gathered piece toward the outer fabric.

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Iron the fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the each lining piece.

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Side seams

Fold over the lining piece and the outer piece, right sides together and sew the short sides on each piece with a half inch seam allowance.

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Press each seam open.

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Sew bottom pieces

Pin the base of the lining to the bottom of the lining side piece. Also, pin the base of the outer piece to the outer fabric side piece.

Sew around the base of the lining and do the same around the base of the outer fabric.

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With right sides together, sew the strap pieces together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving the ends open.

Turn the straps right side out and press.

Place the outer basket inside the lining of the basket with right sides together.

Place the ends of the straps in between the lining and the outer basket with raw edges together.

Pin and sew around the top of the basket. Leave a 3" opening in the seam.

Pull the basket through the opening to turn it right side out. Press the opening closed and topstitch around the top edge. Hand stitch the buttons onto the sides below each strap.

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Fill with goodies

Fill the basket with goodies and let the fun begin.


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