Easy Fleece Stuffed Animal

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Fleece is an ideal fabric for soft toys. It's forgiving to work with and turns into toys that last a long time and wash up well. Even beginners can succeed with this simple frog pattern. Please use quarter-inch seam allowances throughout.

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Make the Pattern

Print the template (see link provided in Resources). Roughly cut out each pattern piece. Or, trace the pattern pieces onto freezer paper and roughly cut them out.

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Cut Out the Pieces

Pin plain paper patterns to the medium green fleece and cut out two heads, front body and frog back. Pin the frog tummy and the frog face onto light green fleece. Or, if using freezer paper, very quickly press the freezer paper patterns for onto the fleece as indicated. Cut out each piece, following marked lines.

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Applique the Face

Pin or glue the face to one frog body as indicated on the template. Stitch around the edges of the face, using a narrow zigzag stitch. Add the eyes, mouth and tummy as indicated on the template, and stitch them in place in the same way.

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Make the Hands and Feet

Mark stitching lines on the frog hands and frog feet. Align one light green and one medium green hand. Turn right side out and stitch along marked lines. Repeat with other hand.

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Make the Arms

Fold up ¼ inch on one short edge of a frog arm, then fold arm in half on the long edge. Stitch, then turn the arm right side out. Insert frog hand into folded edge of arm and hand-stitch in place.

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Make the Legs

Stitch a frog foot to each frog leg. Align two frog leg/foot assemblies and stitch around the edges. Turn the assembly right side out and stitch on marked lines on the feet. Take a tuck stitch to create an "ankle" at the end of the foot.

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Stitch the Frog Together

Pin the frog arms and frog legs to one frog body as indicated on template. Align the two frog bodies, right sides together, and stitch, leaving an opening as indicated on the template. Turn the assembly right side out.