Essential Guide to Holiday Meats

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Roast beasts are the celebrities of the holiday tables, stunning showpieces that the rest of the meal is built around. And since most of us don't make prime rib and turkeys every day of the year, we can all use some help in making sure they turn out to be a success. Meat expert Josh Ozersky breaks down the basics.

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Sausage-Stuffed Crown Roast

As if a crown roast isn't aristocratic enough, Josh stuffs the middle with sausage for extra porky decadence. - in association with Rachael Ray

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The Ultimate Standing Rib Roast

Splurged on a standing rib roast and don't know what to do with it? Josh is here to help. He shows his tried-and-true method of roasting and resting it to get the best flavor. - in association with Rachael Ray

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Roasting a Turkey

The turkey is the terror of holiday cooks -- making sure the breast stays moist, the bird's cooked through and the skin doesn't burn is a juggling act worthy of a three-ring circus. Josh has tips on stuffing, roasting and knowing when the big bird is ready to come out of the oven. - in association with Rachael Ray

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Carving and Plating a Turkey

Carving abilities are highly prized during a holiday feast, but most of us only get one shot a year at sharpening our skills. Josh shows you his shortcut for carving turkey, and gives pointers on the best plating presentation even if your slices come out less-than-perfect. - in association with Rachael Ray

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