Tools to Cut Chain Link Fencing

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Cut chain link fences with metal-cutting tools.

Installing a chain link fence can often require you to cut pieces of the fence to fit your yard or garden. Use high-quality tools intended to cut metal to make sure that the cuts are accurate and clean. Sharpen the tools often to keep them in working condition. Using dull tools will create messy cuts and could completely ruin your tool.


Tin/Aviation Snips

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Tin snips are some of the most common and inexpensive metal-cutting devices. Use tin snips to cut chain link fences if you are not cutting a lot of fence. Otherwise, you will want to use an automatic tool. Choose high-quality tin snips that are sharp. Sharp tin snips will be able to cut through the chains on the chain link fences without dulling too much. Tin snips will not be able to cut through the metal poles that support the chain link. Aviation snips are generally higher quality and are more expensive than tin snips, but will also do a good job on this kind of project.

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Use a manual hacksaw to cut through the vertical and horizontal metal poles that support the chain link fence. Hacksaws have a hard serrated surface that is sharp enough to cut through metal. Wear gloves and goggles to protect your hands and eyes from light sparks that might occur when you are cutting metal surfaces.


Chop Saw

The chop saw is an automatic saw that has a rotating blade, which is hard and sharp enough to cut through metal as well as concrete. Use automatic saws if you are going to cut a lot of metal chain link fences. Always wear eye protection to make sure that the sparks do not get into your eyes when you work.


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