Tips on Stripping Paint From Drywall

Wear a resperator when you are sanding or chemically stripping paint on drywall.

Stripping paint from drywall is necessary if you are changing the paint color and want to get a smooth finish. Simply painting over the previous coat of paint will sometimes produce a bumpy or rough finish that will make your paint job look less professional. There are three basic ways to strip drywall: chemical stripping, heat-gun stripping and simply sanding the drywall. Follow some tips to determine which method to use and to get the optimal results.

Chemical Strippers Tips

Chemical strippers, opposed to sanding or heat-stripping methods, do the least amount of damage to the surface of the drywall. Choose to use chemical strippers if you are removing paint from drywall that has irregular surfaces. This includes drywall that is scratched or chipped. The chemicals will get into the nooks of the irregular surface and will remove the paint. Be aware that chemical strippers are harsh and can pollute your home's air environment. Air out the house several days after using the stripper to ensure that smelling the fumes does not cause damage. Always wear rubber gloves, goggles and dust mask when working with chemical strippers.

Heat Gun Tips

Heat gun stripping does not utilize harsh chemicals and is preferable to chemical stripping if you are removing paint from drywall inside the home, and you will be living in the home while you work. Heat guns are also preferable for flat surfaces. Heat guns apply heat to the drywall. Be careful not to apply too much heat as you can start a fire. Keep a fire extinguisher handy in case the drywall heats up too much and starts a fire.

Sanding Tips

Stripping paint from drywall by sanding it will take longer than the chemical and heat gun-stripping methods. But this method allows for the most control and does not use any harsh chemicals. Unlike the other methods, this method also will smooth out the drywall. Drywall sand is fine and will move to other parts of your home easier. Avoid this by closing doors and putting a cloth at the bottom of the door. Open the windows to ventilate the room.