Ideas for 21st Birthday Kits

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Turning 21 means that you are able to go out and enjoy an alcoholic drink legally, which is what many people do for their birthdays. For a 21st birthday, give someone a kit that allows the birthday girl to enjoy her birthday and enjoy a beverage long after the special day. Some kits come premade, or you can gather the items and create your own 21st birthday survival kit.


Drinking Tool Kit

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Make a kit of everything a person will need to enjoy drinking on her birthday. This includes a corkscrew, a tumbler, bottle opener, shot glasses and a flask. These are all typically things you find at bars and in homes of people who can legally drink. Add any other tools you think are necessary to enjoy a drink. You can include little things like straws and paper umbrellas to put in the drinks as well.

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Party Kit

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Make a party kit for the person. Include things like a shot glass necklace, beer koozies, belt bottle holder and a small bottle opener. You can include some playing cards for drinking games as well. If you are going out for the evening, make sure someone is the designated driver. This person can still play the games, but drink water instead of alcohol.


Hangover Kit

Hangover kit
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Make a hangover kit for the day after the person's birthday. Include things like aspirin, bottles of water, energy drinks, movies and gift certificates to fast food places or pizza delivery places. All of these will help keep the party spirit going, even though the person may not be feeling so well. If she is not hungover after her birthday, she can still enjoy all of these gifts anyway and have a relaxing day at home.


Beer-Making Kits

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Give someone a beer-making kit. This, way he can make his own beer at home now that he can legally drink it. Specialty stores sell everything that you need to create your very own beer, which is a great gift for a 21-year-old. He can learn about how different beers taste and create his own based on his favorite flavors. These kits typically include the tools needed including a container for the beer to ferment in, the ingredients (like hops) you use to flavor the beer, siphons to pour the beer and bottles to put the beer in. Every kit is different though, so choose the one that has everything included.



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