Cold Finger Food Ideas

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Cold finger foods served buffet style simplify serving at parties and receptions, large and small. From formal weddings to holiday and Super Bowl parties, finger foods require little monitoring and no periodic reheating. This allows you to prepare the food ahead and lay out buffet style for guests to nibble at will as they socialize.

Tea Sandwiches

Many types of bread, from plain white or wheat to rich artisan and specialty styles multiply the tea sandwich possibilities. Cut your bread of choice into triangles or use cookie cutters to make shapes. Top with any of Taste of Home's delectable fillings such as a cucumber or cream cheese and pear spread, curried chicken or crab salad. A deli sandwich buffet lets guests choose from breads, pitas or bagels and assemble their own sandwich. Tortilla rollups are yet another option. Taste of Home suggests a dill filling, in addition to those listed above, while Finger Food Recipes calls for a salsa and cream cheese filling.

Fruit Platters

Sliced pineapple, strawberries, kiwi and oranges make a colorful platter as pictured at Do-It-Yourself-Weddings. Mix plain or strawberry cream cheese, whipped topping, marshmallow cream and orange or pineapple juice for a sweet fruit dip, suggests Finger Food Recipes. Fruit leathers and nuts add variety to the fruit platter.

Meat and Cheese Trays

Cheese is versatile. Serve it on the fruit platter or make a combo tray with a selection of meats and cheeses, crackers and rollups.


Crisp baguette slices drizzled with olive oil and topped with fillings such as Taste of Home's artichoke and tomato or pesto, tomato and mozzarella are crowd-pleasers. Other toppings include feta and sun-dried tomato, crab, shrimp, mushroom or cranberry turkey.

Veggie Platters

Cut vegetables such as carrots, celery, broccoli and celery, along with cherry tomatoes and ranch dip rank among the tried and true finger foods. Green, red, yellow and orange peppers add a rainbow of color to your veggie platter.

Chips, Crackers and Dips

Trail mixes are a perennial favorite. Chips, crackers and dip rate high on the traditional finger food menu as well. Diversify your dip offerings by trying Finger Food Recipes' blue cheese, baked onion, Mexican chicken or artichoke dip. Alternatively, Taste of Home suggests mustard, hummus, taco, dill, mozzarella or clam dip. On the sweet side, treat your taste buds with strawberry, cheesecake, butterscotch or cinnamon dip.