Types of Claw Hammers

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Use a claw hammer to drive and remove nails from structures.

Claw hammers not only let you remove nails from wood, vinyl and other materials, but also remove fasteners and other hardware that is holding materials together. The tools are long-lasting, and available at hardware and home improvement stores as well as retail superstores. Claw hammers come in various weights and contain a rubber grip on their handles to aid with hammering.


Curved Claw Hammer

The curved claw hammer contains a double-sided head that lets you drive nails into surfaces using the hammer side and remove nails using the curved claw side of the head. The hammer side of the head also is slightly curved to minimize marring the surface you are nailing. Curved claw hammers are sold in various weights, including 7, 13, 16 and 20 oz. The heavier the hammer, the greater the force on a nail head.


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Straight Claw Hammer

The straight claw hammer, also known as a ripping claw hammer, is used to dismantle items, including wood, tile and plastic. The hammer's claw is not curved, and fits between boards and materials to separate them without the hassle of using another tool. Straight claw hammers are heavier than curved claw hammers, and are sold in various weights including 20, 28 and 32 oz. The hammers do not contain a curved head, which causes indentations in the wood or other surface you are nailing.


Framing Hammer

A framing hammer is another type of claw hammer that is sold by weight. Framing hammers are similar to straight claw hammers in size, 20 to 32 oz. in weight, and are used in carpentry work as well as when dismantling items. Framing hammers do not contain a curved head, which also leads to indentations in the wood or other surface you are nailing.


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